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Data Centers! Learn How to Capture 2X Growth in AI Revenue

Calling all DCs and regional CSPs – stop trying to sell bare metal. Start offering production-ready AI products and managed services, like the hyperscale CSPs have.Consider the numbers: By 2025, GPU-as-a-service (GPUaaS) will be a $7 billion market thanks to the widespread ML/DL adoption, with AI capabilities becoming the #1 driver enterprise infrastructure decisions. Over 50% of cloud clients will use AI orchestration platforms by 2025, up from 10% in 2021.The bottom line: AI capabilities will drive significant profits for CSPs. Position your business to profit from AI with MLOps platform, instead of losing out to hyperscalers.

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    Complete, CSP-Ready AI Cloud Solution is an OEM AI Cloud solution that installs on your existing compute, typically in less than 60 days. covers the entire ML lifecycle, integrating the universe of best-of-breed tool sets into robust and manageable pipelines. ensure’s your clients’ AI success with expert ML support and custom AI solutions in computer vision, NLP, predictive analytics that engage, activate, and retain your AI-seeking customers.

    Data Centers improve both top and bottom lines

    For CSPs
    increase in AI workload margins
    Increase in AI client retention
    Increase in AI revenue
    days to launch your AI Cloud
    For Enterprise (End Clients)
    Reduction in time-to-production
    Reduction in DevOps expenses
    Reduction in risk of AI-driven digital transformation
    Reduction in overheads (disk space, bandwidth, infrastructure)

    Case Studies

    Frequently asked questions

    Who Is Best Positioned to Profit From AI Value-Adds?
    Regional CSPs, data centers, and telecom companies are among satisfied customers. If you primarily market to mid-market and enterprise clients and have a strong sales process, you’ll likely profit from our OEM AI offering. For telecom companies, in particular, AI solutions can become a good upsell to 5G and cloud offerings.
    What Is In It For My Company, Apart from Revenue Diversification?
    The AI cloud market is still in the nascent stage. Yet, it will grow by a 3X-5X factor within the next five years. By launching AI offerings now, CSPs can capture local market share before hyperscale companies move in. You can also become the center of AI/ML expertise for your consumers. Cultivate a marketplace of AI products and services around your business, plus expand into managed AI/ML services – another profitable market vertical.
    What Is the Main Value Proposition of AI Cloud?
    We position our product as an equally robust alternative to AWS Sagemaker, but one you can customize and white-label to your clients. We assemble, support, and maintain an AI cloud based on your specs. With our cloud offering, you can replicate Amazon's success at an affordable cost.
    What Is AI Cloud Tech Stack?
    We assume a double role of an orchestrator and integrator. Our platform is designed to optimize access permission management, resources provisioning, ML/DL pipelines automation, and AI assets management. To achieve that, we integrate best-in-class AI and ML tools, covering the entire ML/DL project lifecycle; ensure production-grade interoperability between different tools + processes; and can easily scale up the solution, based on the team’s needs.