Bare Metal MLOps Leader,, Joins the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA) to Accelerate the Journey to Data Carbon Neutrality in the Digital Infrastructure Industry

March 09, 2023, a leading provider of Bare Metal MLOps solutions, is excited to announce that it has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA). The ICA is a historic coalition of over 200 global companies designed to govern a methodology to measure and reduce carbon in the infrastructure through products, power, and materials.

As part of its commitment to ethical and sustainable AI, is proud to push le AI is a vital movement across the entire tech industry,” said CEO Uri Soroka. “Onethe envelope and set an example in the tech industry. “We believe that the ethical and sustainable of our goals at is to create a sustainable development environment for ML/AI engineers, and with the iMasons Climate Accord, we will set and promote the green standards for the industry.”

Building complex machine-learning models require large amounts of computational power, making it the heaviest driver of the increasing energy consumption for data centers. The MLOps Platform is built to intelligently control energy consumption during model training and deployment.’s most recent feature, the Green Scheduler, allows users to train models using a schedule that decreases the overall carbon footprint of training and can track their data carbon reduction through a seamless UI.

By joining ICA, is committed to contributing to its mission of accelerating the digital infrastructure industry’s journey to carbon neutrality. “We believe that with such a diverse set of partners, ICA will be able to achieve all of its goals,” added Uri Soroka.

For more information about and its commitment to ethical and sustainable AI, please visit or contact us at to schedule a demo or request more information.

About is an MLOps interoperability platform that supports the full lifecycle of AI development and deployment, including modular custom pipeline creation, resource orchestration and automation, and instrumentation at each step of AI/ML system construction and deployment on public, hybrid, and on-premise clouds. With industry-unique features like Green Scheduler, MLOps Platform helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint associated with running AI/ML models. The Neuro team comprises full-stack software engineers with extensive experience in MLOps solutions. is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest AI/ML technologies and providing its clients with the best solutions for their business needs.